Rollerblades: Which are the best of 2021?

Fun is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of skating, as it is already every day in our lives. Skates never go out of style; over time, they have evolved thanks to new models. These models are customizable, as they allow you to change parts and improve their performance.

If you are not knowledgeable about skates, don’t worry, this guide is perfect for you. Here you will see helpful information, the product of an investigative work that will answer all your questions. We will see from how to know the size of the skates to quality aspects.

The most important

  • There are several types of skates perfect for ice, extreme sports or artistic activities. Among them we can find aggressive, hockey and freeskate skates that will bring out the best in you.
  • Discover the most relevant between 4-wheel skates and inline skates, one is faster than the other. Both brake differently regardless of whether they have a brake or not, it all depends on knowing how to do it. Also, it is important to know their advantages and disadvantages to know them better.
  • It is possible to find a solution to the size of the skates with a sheet and a marker. It seems incredible, but many times the answers lie in the simplest things.

The best skates on the market: our recommendations

Skateboarders are looking to do different activities with them. For this reason, we recommend 4 of the best skates according to the user, describing what you can do with them.

  • The fastest skates on the market
  • The best skates for boys and girls
  • The best skates for freeskate
  • The best off-road skates

The fastest skates on the market

Hudora Kinderinliner Leon – Inline skates

Hudora Kinderinliner Leon - Inline skates

Hudora made these skates with speed lovers in mind. With Kinderinliner Leon, you will have skates ranked number 4 in the top 100 inline skates.

Users indicate that they are skates for people who already know how to skate. Also, they highly value that the fit to the foot is perfect and comfortable since these factors help a lot when performing different maneuvers. It should be noted that the wheels are not plastic; therefore, they do not make noise.

The best skates for boys and girls

Hudora rollschuhe My First Quad Girl Talla 26 – 33 ajustable

Hudora rollschuhe My First Quad Girl Talla 26 – 33 ajustable

Skates for boys and girls must meet certain characteristics that Hudora has put together in the My First Quad Girl line. For example, the skates are adjustable, stable, have 2 wheels at the back, larger than the front ones. They have been manufactured with reinforced Nylon and a resistant chassis.

It is recommended to buy a size larger than usual. This will help children, as they grow up, to continue using them for longer. On the other hand, they have an acceptable price for learning skates since they are safe because they have an elongated brake at the rear.

The best skates for freeskate

KRF Freeskate First Inline Skates, Women

KRF Freeskate First Inline Skates, Women

Skates in this style are a mix between fitness and aggressive skates. Its use is mainly for the urban area since they have been manufactured with aluminum. The manufacturer made sure that the closure type was made with buckles and laces to give more security to its users.

Users recognize the Spanish brand KRF because it makes quality skates. That is why, on this occasion, he has thought of this exclusive model for women. It has 24 mm (millimeter) wheels that give greater acceleration and greater control. Also, they have a durometer of 85A that makes the tires have less wear, support more weight, and have higher speed.

The best off-road skates

Hiboy Adjustable Inline Skates with All Wheels illuminated, Outdoor and Indoor Skates, for Boys, Girls, and Beginners

Hiboy Adjustable Inline Skates with All Wheels illuminated, Outdoor and Indoor Skates, for Boys, Girls and Beginners

These skates are undoubtedly the most preferred by users. They bring together everything you can look for in a pair of skates; configurable size, quality of materials, and spare parts. In addition, they get LED lighting that does not need batteries because it is generated thanks to the rotation of the wheels.

Hiboy skates have been liked by all the people who have tried them. They can be used in various environments, whether indoors, outdoors or on different types of terrain. Fun is definitely guaranteed with these inline skates.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Skates

We are going to clear up some doubts that, surely, you must have about the skates. You will know the most important about its operation, change of parts and use techniques. After reading this guide, you will know which skates are the most suitable for you. Take a look!

Which skates are best to learn?

To learn we must take into account the wheels, and this is the most crucial aspect. The hardness of the wheels will define the speed, the grip on the ground, the weight that the skates will be able to support, etc. For beginners, it is recommended that the tires have a hardness (durometer) of 82A, which translates into soft tires.

Another critical factor is the strap, which can be buckle or velcro. Always buy a buckle because it will not break, and it fits better to the foot; this will help your learning. Also, you can see the best skates for boys and girls in our recommendations section. You will find a perfect model of skates for boys and girls to start practicing.

Which skates are better, inline or 4 wheels?

At the outset, we will tell you that both have advantages and disadvantages. For example, in inline skates, you can change many parts like the frame, the strap, or protectors. This means that you can improve the speed and safety of your skates, even if you have to spend a little more.

On the other hand, 4-wheel skates are not good for terrain where there are many stones. However, they are good for learning to skate faster than inline skates. As you can see, everything will depend on what you want to do with them. The good news is that you are going to have fun with both.

What types of skates are there?

There are different types of skates depending on the activity you want to do. These allow you to take a walk in the park, do tricks or practice some sport. Remember that skates are designed according to the user’s activity, age, and the terrain to which they will be subjected.

Therefore, we have chosen 8 of the most used skates and recommended by people for you to know. With this in mind, we invite you to see the following table to give you a clearer idea.

Types of skatesCharacteristics
Artistic skatesThey are usually 4-wheel skates, simple and with warm tones, and ideal for smooth terrain.
Freeskate skatesFreedom of movement and adaptability to all terrain.
Aggressive skatesThey are robust and shock-resistant. They withstand heavy drop impacts, making them ideal for stunts.
Hockey skatesIdeal for making quick turns and taking immediate speed. In addition, the safety of the feet is guaranteed.
Patines fitnessUnlike the other skates on the list, these skates should be used for walks in the park without making a lot of demands on them.
Slalom patinaThey are resistant to impacts, have standard laces and ankle protection. They are the perfect skates for doing tricks.
Off-road skatesThese are the king of skates. The wheels are not smooth, as they have grooves to support any terrain.
Downhill skatesThey feature more wheels (5) than all the other types of skates on this list. They must withstand high speeds and be stable at the same time.

How to ice skate?

The best thing to do, to start, is to relax and bend your knees a bit, so you don’t fall backward. The movement of your legs is different from when you walk since on ice you must move to both sides. Also, it is advisable to extend the arms a little to improve stability.

Braking on ice is also easy, and you just have to put one foot in front and put the skate horizontally. Keep in mind that skates need maintenance from time to time to avoid accidents. With perseverance and determination, you will be able to master the art of ice skating.

How do the skates brake?

We previously explained how to brake with ice skates, but it does not brake the same with all skates. For example, on 4-wheel skates, the brakes are on both skates at the front. To brake, you must move one leg back and lean the tip of the foot towards the floor, exerting pressure.

Inline skates brake when you bring your feet closer as you go, you must bring the tips of the skates together. Another way to brake is to put one foot on the back of the kickstand horizontally. While it is true that inline skates have a brake, everyone removes it since no one uses it.

How to change wheels to inline skates?

We must know the millimeters of our wheels that are regularly written on the side of them. In addition, we must have Allen keys and new wheels. Once we have removed all the old wheels, we will remove the bearings with the same Allen key. We will pass these bearings to the new tires.

Putting the bearings on new tires can be a bit difficult as they don’t go in easily. As a solution, you can hit the bearings with a rubber hammer or use one of the old wheels. Finally, you put the wheels in position, adjust and go.

When to change the bearings of the skates?

The wheels are stuck, speed has been lost, and it is impossible to skid as before. These failures indicate that the time has come to change the bearings, but they can also be due to a lack of maintenance. It will only take a little cleaning, lubrication, or a small adjustment to make them look new.

When we need to put new wheels, it is also a good time to change the bearings of the skates. Imagine all the work of disassembling 4, 5, or 6 wheels and leaving the same bearings, it does not make sense. Next, we show you the parts that make up a bearing:

  • Opening stamp.
  • Outer cylinder.
  • Inner cylinder.
  • Spheres.
  • Corona.
  • Closing stamp.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of skates?

Pre-evaluating a product is common today. Skates can benefit you if you have previously done your research, but not a bad choice. The materials, the type of wheels, frames, or buckles are essential factors to consider in this question.

Ankle-strap skates help prevent the foot from rubbing against the material and prevent ankle injuries. As we can see, accessories also play an essential role in helping in the safety or behavior of the skates. Here are other advantages and disadvantages that you cannot miss: Advantage

  • Improve health
  • Improve balance
  • Calories are burned
  • They strengthen the legs
  • Improve coordination


  • Falls
  • Serious injuries
  • Fractures

Purchase criteria

After reading the 6 criteria that we have compiled for you, you will have more confidence in your choice. We will show you some tricks, tips, and things you should not miss when looking for your next skates. You will see information that, perhaps, you did not know, but we better get to the point and check the following:

  • Adjustable
  • Ages
  • Size
  • Warranty
  • Advice
  • Quality


There is nothing better than skates fit us the first time trying to try them on. For this reason, most skates have a button that, when pressed, moves the front of the liner. On the back of the skate, you will see an indicator that says the sizes you can adjust it. Also, it indicates the size in which the booty is adjusted.

Other skates have a kind of crank at the back that, when turned, also extends the bootie. This option generally comes in children’s skates, and it is not common to see it in skates of other categories. Adjustable skates come in handy for a rental business or growing ages, as they help financially.


It is advisable for children to start skating from 4 years of age. However, some skating schools only accept lawsuits from the age of 5 as a precaution. Well, they also do it for the safety of the children, since at that age they have developed their motor skills.

On the other hand, people of advanced ages can also skate, but they are more afraid of accidents. It goes without saying that, at this age, some life insurance does not cover risky activities. This doesn’t mean that seniors don’t want to skate, it’s just that they take it easy.


We have all had the same problem wanting to know the size of our skates. There is a trick to solve this problem using a sheet of paper and a marker. Put your foot on top of the sheet and mark the entire outline, then put the ruler on the silhouette. Now measure horizontally and write down the centimeters, do the same vertically, and voila.

Checking user recommendations on the Internet can also help. It often happens that someone has recommended buying a larger size of a particular model equal to the one you are looking for.


The warranty for skid failure is sometimes only for a few months. In addition, it is necessary to present the invoice and all the accessories that came with the skates. Sometimes, if the purchase was made in an establishment that has closed, the factory assumes the guarantee. Some online stores give a 2-year warranty.

It is essential to ask the store, supplier, or manufacturer what it does or does not cover. With this information, you will avoid misunderstandings, and you will also have confidence in what you have acquired. On the other hand, it is not advisable to buy without an invoice to save money, since cheap can be expensive.


An expert can save us money and headaches; for example, he can show us tricks that only he knows. An advisor must have experience and, in many cases, even have brand certifications. Therefore, you should look for those qualities in the person who will be in charge of guiding you in all aspects of the subject.

Now there are thousands of “experts” on the Internet, and we suggest you take your search for that professional easy. The skates are also a means of transport that must be maintained, comfortable and safe. For this reason, it is advisable to put yourself in good hands to enjoy without worries.