Girls’ Skates Buying Guide

Girls’ Skates Buying Guide

When girls start skating, it can be a lot of fun not only for them but also for the whole family. In addition, skating can be a good exercise that can strengthen the motor skills of the little girl, as well as her balance. Skating is also a good activity to share and receive fresh air.

” If your girl is starting to skate, it is essential that you equip her with the right skates so that she can perform in this fun activity” Choosing the first ones can be confusing, so there are different characteristics and recommendations that you can take into account.

How to choose Girl’s Skates according to age?

If you don’t know how to choose a suitable model for your girl, don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it might seem. For girls, you can select between inline skates and 4-wheel skates.

Although these come in all sizes, it is always recommended that the 4-wheel skates for girls be used for the smallest, these for having better stability and support, are more suitable for them to begin to develop their motor skills and improve balance before going by inline ones. The latter are more recommended for girls who already have more skills, that is, girls a little older and even with more experience in skating.

Keep in mind that adjustable children’s skates for girls should have good ankle support to provide better stability.

Extendable skates

A good option to choose is the extendable skates for boys and girls. These can be adjusted in size, and in this way, they are easier to select for girls of different ages and adjust as she grows and her size changes. These allow to fit up to 3 to 4 sizes. These look the same as children’s boot skates, but the boot can be slid forward or backward by pressing a button to change the size.

Where to Buy Skates for Girls and Toddlers?

You can find different models and styles in various stores. You can find a wide variety of extendable skates for girls of all ages, either 4 wheels or inline. in stores like Sprinter, Decathlon, Carrefour.

However, where you can get the greatest variety of skates , of different brands, styles and according to the use you want to give it, the best option is Amazon. You can find everything you are looking for, from children’s skates to speed skates for girls, and with hundreds of opinions from buyers. In addition, Amazon offers you a Premium service for free shipping and hassle-free returns for 30 days.

The Best Skates for Girls from 3 to 4 years old

If you are looking to choose a model for 3-year-old girls, remember that many experts recommend that you wait until 4, which is when your bone structure and coordination are already developed to start this activity. However, there are girls who, at 3 years old, can easily get along.

If that is the case with your girl, it is recommended to start with 4-wheel boot skates to provide better stability while the little ones learn to skate. These also come equipped with a front brake that helps prevent accidents and helps you go more slowly.

Stamp SAS- Minnie Set Roller E/K Pads, Color Pink, 23-27 (J862035)

Stamp SAS- Minnie Set Roller E/K Pads, Color Pink, 23-27 (J862035)

  • PVC
Mondo Motors - Parallel Children's Skate Set with Protective Accessories

Mondo Motors – Parallel Children’s Skate Set with Protective Accessories

  • Children’s skating outfit
  • It is composed of 4-wheel skates and several protectors
  • Includes a transparent rectangular bag in which to store everything

The best adjustable skates for 4-year-old girls, which you can find on Amazon, are the Rollerblades, which have different models of children’s skates and also include other accessories for their protection. The SFR brand offers not only very safe 4-wheel models, but with very nice styles and colors that your girl will love. Among the most sophisticated models for girls, you can find the Osprey that are also quite affordable.

SFR Skates SFR Nebula Adjustable Quad Skates Patines Patinaje Unisex Infantil, Juventud, Black/Pink, 33-37

SFR Skates SFR Nebula Adjustable Quad Skates Patines Patinaje Unisex Infantil, Juventud, Black/Pink, 33-37

  • Material duro sfr skates
  • Unisex skating skates for children
  • Sfr nebula adjustable quad skates (sfr100)
Osprey Roller skates with 4 parallel wheels.  Quad skates for beginner boys and girls.  Adjustable, stable, comfortable and easy to put on ...

Osprey Roller skates with 4 parallel wheels. Quad skates for beginner boys and girls. Adjustable, stable, comfortable, and easy to put on …

  • SAFE AND STABLE FOR BEGINNERS: Thanks to their strong and durable footbed and secure lock buckle closures (safer than velcro straps or laces), these four wheel skates are the perfect choice for beginners. Easy to put on, stable and with a cheerful design in pink or purple, these classic skates are designed to learn to skate and enjoy the experience.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: The boot adjusts to the foot and supports the ankle perfectly, since, thanks to the design of these skates, it allows them to be adjusted to the desired size. This means that they can be adapted to the rhythm of your child’s foot growth while helping you save money and time.
  • FAST, LONG-LASTING 32mm WHEELS: The 608Z ball bearings on these skates are designed to last for a long period of time while providing great stability and a smooth ride. Maximum user weight: 60 kg.
  • PADDED INNER BOOT: For effective and safe ankle support in addition to ensuring the comfort of your children’s feet at all times. Ergonomic design and breathable fabric. Skates with extra protection that minimize the risk of injury. For children from 5 years old.
  • FRONT BRAKES FOR GREATER CONTROL: Kids and teens will feel in control of the activity with these strong polyurethane brakes. They provide a quick and effective stop that make these skates an excellent option for little ones who are just learning to skate and for those young people who are in a position to roll at higher speeds.

Paw patrol and frozen skates

In addition, for the little ones, you can find models of skates for 3-year-old girls with their favorite programs, such as drawings from the movie Frozen and even Soy Luna girl’s skates.

PAW PATROL Paw Patrol-2228 Roller Skates, Pink Color, Adjustable (Saica 2228)

PAW PATROL Paw Patrol-2228 Roller Skates, Pink Color, Adjustable (Saica 2228)

  • Adjustable mini roller from size 24 to 28.
  • Includes knee and elbow pads of your favorite character.
  • Ideal set for the protection of children.
  • The rollers support a maximum weight of 20 kilos.
Stamp Set Roller E/K Pads Frozen II, Girls, Azul & Blanco, 23-27

Stamp Set Roller E/K Pads Frozen II, Girls, Azul & Blanco, 23-27

  • 4 wheels skates adjustable.quick and easy adjustment from 23-27 eu sizes.set of protección with elbow and knee pads; adjustable pads with velcro; skates with safety buckle
Disney Frozen - Mochila Patinaje, Talla Ajustable (Mondo 28254)

Disney Frozen – Skating Backpack, Adjustable Size (Mondo 28254)

  • 5-piece skating set
  • Pair of children’s plastic skates + a pair of protectors and a children’s helmet.
  • They support a maximum weight of 20 kilos

To choose the best inline, there are the Roces skates, which are extensible to adapt to the growth of your girl, and also well-padded and with very cute models that your girl will love. You can also go for the 2 PM, which has a more professional appearance with striking colors and is adjustable for up to 4 sizes.

Roces Quaddy 2.0 Girl - Patines de Ruedas Ajustables para niña, Niñas, 550087, White-Pink, 38/41

Roces Quaddy 2.0 Girl – Adjustable Roller Skates for girls, Girls, 550087, White-Pink, 38/41

  • Beginner children’s skates, comfortably adjustable by a button through four shoe sizes
  • Stable structure of eco-friendly mesh shoe upper; polyethylene sleeve for a secure grip; easy to use laces, velcro strap and ratchet buckle on the upper part of the shoe
  • Polypropylene composite frame and axles; soft polyurethane stopper for smooth braking
  • Ruedas: 54 x 32 mm, pvc
  • Bearings: abec 5

The Best Skates for Children 3-4 years

For girls who already have more developed motor skills, that is, 7 years and older, it is already recommended that they use inline ones that will help them develop their balance and are also a good basis for those who want to learn ice skating. With these models, it is possible to obtain greater speed because they are lighter. In the meantime, it is recommended that you use the 4-wheel models that you can find below: 

Paw patrol skates

One option is the Paw Patrol Skye skates, which are not only adjustable in size, their wheels can also be converted to go from inline to 4-wheel. In this way, they can extend their use when your child begins to have more balance.